3 Things To Look At When Choosing A Location For Your Truck Scales

Purchasing truck scales for your business is a smart move since it can help you avoid your drivers from hitting the road with dangerously heavy loads. It can also help you avoid the hefty fees that your company could be charged for sending out trucks with oversized loads. You shouldn’t take this type of purchase lightly, however, and you should put some careful consideration into where the scales will be placed on your property. These are three things that you will need to look at when choosing that location.

1. Existence of Utility Lines

You don’t want to install your truck scales on top of any utility lines. If you’re installing in-ground scales, you’ll need to think about the excavation that might be required during the installation. When they’re being put in, your utility lines could be affected. Even if you’re installing above-ground scales, however, you have to worry about them being in the way in the event that work needs to be done on your utility lines. Work with your utility companies to find any unknown underground utility lines so that you can avoid them when choosing a location for your scales.

2. Local Codes

Depending on where you live, there may be restrictions in place about how and where your truck scales should be installed. Work with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to find out about any local restrictions that you might have to abide by.

3. Ease of Maneuvering

You don’t just have to look for a space that is large enough for your truck scales; you also have to ensure that there is ample room for drivers to maneuver the trucks to the truck scales with ease. Installing your truck scales in a too-tight location can make for major annoyances for your drivers in the future, so consider testing out any potential spots before installation. You can mark off the area where you are thinking about installing your scales with flags, then drive the various trucks and trailers that your company uses into this area. Make adjustments as needed to ensure that the scales are easy to access.

If you’re looking for the perfect location for your company’s new set of truck scales, you’ll want to make sure that you install them in the right place. Consider these three things when choosing the right installation spot, and you should be happy with where you install them.

For truck scales, contact a company such as B C Scale Co Ltd.

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2 Important Hot Tub Winterizing Tasks To Complete

If you decide not to use your hot tub during the winter months, then you will need to winterize it. This is best to maintain the condition of the hot tub while you are not using it. While you probably know that you need to empty out the water and clean the hot tub, there are several other things you should do as well. Keep reading to learn about of few of these things.

Clearing Out The Jets

Most hot tubs will have a number of jets that will mix water and air together and force the stream out into the hot tub. This mixing process occurs after the water is pulled through the filter. Small hoses typically carry the water from the filter housing to each jet. Unfortunately, water can remain in these small hoses when you empty your hot tub. This can result in the freezing and cracking of the water lines when the tub is subjected to cold temperatures. You can prevent this from occurring by forcing the water out of the pipes. 

As you clear out the water, make sure to clean the jets. This is necessary, because calcium and other minerals can block the heads of the jets and keep them from releasing water. If the minerals are left to solidify within the jets through the winter, they may be incredibly difficult to remove in the spring. Most jet covers can be removed by twisting them off in a counterclockwise motion. Remove all the jet heads and place them in a bucket filled with 50% vinegar and 50% water. Allow the jets to sit in the solution for about one hour, so the acetic acid dissolves the minerals. 

As the jet heads soak, place the vacuum hose of a wet and dry vacuum over each jet opening for about 15 seconds. This will pull the water from the pipes attached to each jet. Rinse off each jet head in clean water and replace them when you are done with the suctioning process. 

Clean the Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is necessary to help keep snow and debris out of your hot tub in the winter. However, your cover can contribute to the formation of mold and mildew if you do not prepare it properly. Hot tub covers are constantly subjected to condensation from the hot tub. As the water condensates on the cover, chemicals are left within the hot tub that help to sanitize the water. These chemicals help to keep mold from growing, but without them the heat and the water can cause mildew to form quickly on the vinyl or plastic material. While heat may not be a problem in the winter, there will likely be some mold spores on the cover that may begin to thrive when you replace the dirty cover.

You can prevent mold concerns by thoroughly cleaning and drying your cover before placing it over your winterized hot tub. Place about one-quarter of a cup of bleach in water bottle and fill it with water. Use the spray to kill mold on the cover. Rinse afterwards and use a highly absorbent microfiber cloth to dry the cover. If you have any questions about hot tub maintenance, contact a company like J Adam & Sons Plumbing for help.

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What Makes A Great Recycling Facility

Recycling is a great thing to do that offers many benefits to you personally and to the environment. Recycling helps to conserve oil, reduce greenhouse gases, and save space in landfills. When it comes to recycling bottles, not all facilities are equal. There are some bottle recycling facilities that really go above and beyond to make recycling your bottles worth it not only to the environment but to you personally as well. Below are some of the benefits that you will see from good bottle recycling facilities.

1. Offers Full Refunds. There are many recycling facilities that will only refund you a portion of the amount for the bottle or can. The great recycling facilities will give you a full refund. This will give you more of an incentive to keep or collect cans, bottles, glass and other recyclable goods. Over time, you can really start to make some good money back.

2. No Limits on Recycling. Some recycling facilities will only let you return up to a certain amount of containers. This can prevent you from wanting to recycle because it may not be worth your while financially. Great recycling facilities will not have limits on the amount of containers. They will allow you to return as many as you can get your hands on. This not only helps the environment by recycling more bottles, cans, and other things but also helps you to make more money from recycling.

3. Recycle More than Bottles. Some of the great facilities will also allow you to recycle more than just bottles. They can take your appliances, batteries, or other items for free. This is a great service and it means that you do not have to pay a landfill or other waste company to get rid of your items.

4. Community Support. Not only will you receive several benefits from recycling, but you will also help others as well. Many facilities employ several people. Some of these facilities go the extra mile and serve disabled individuals or people with special needs. Some of the greatest facilities will have great charity programs that give back to the community as well.

So when you are looking to recycle your bottles, cans, and other items, you will want to make sure that the bottle depot you are using is the best out there by offering full refunds, not limiting the amount you can return and giving back to the community as well.

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Refrigerator Not Cooling? Use This Trick For Cleaning The Coil

If you’re new to living on your own, you might be adding things to your list of tasks that you can do on your own. However, when it comes to the refrigerator, you might think that you have to call a repairperson immediately to fix a unit that is not as cold as you would like. But before you do, know that you can probably fix this problem yourself by cleaning the coil on the bottom of the unit, in just a few minutes. A clean coil and grill is important so that nothing prohibits the airflow to the unit. This guide explains how to clean the coil and the grill on your refrigerator.

Step 1: Pop Off the Grill

Take the front grill off the bottom of your refrigerator so that you can have clear access to the grill. To do this, look for a lever on each side of the grill or on the top and the bottom in the centre.

Press down on the levers gently, and then pull the grill off. Set the grill in the sink for later.

Step 2: Vacuum the Coil

Connect the attachment to your vacuum cleaner. Insert the vacuum cleaner attachment under the refrigerator and remove all the debris on the floor and on the coil.

Since this area is dark, hold a flashlight in your other hand to make sure you are vacuuming up all the dust, food particles, pet hair and other debris that have found their way beneath the unit.

Step 3: Inspect the Area and Replace the Grill

Once you are finished vacuuming, shine the flashlight under the refrigerator and look for any spots of debris that you might have missed. Vacuum those up as well. When you’re certain you have removed everything that shouldn’t be on the coil and on the floor beneath the unit, move on to the next steps.

Step 4: Wash the Grill

Turn the faucet on at your sink and grab an old rag and some dishwashing soap. Squirt a little soap on the grill and begin washing off dust, grease and grime that’s accumulated. Since the grill can have tiny spaces, it helps to place the rag over a butter knife or a flathead screwdriver to reach those areas.

Rinse the grill off and then dry it with a towel. Snap the grill back into place at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Step 5: Wait For the Refrigerator to Cool Down

Keep the refrigerator door closed for a couple hours. Then open the door to see if your efforts worked. If it is cool once again, you’re finished. If not, call a repairperson from a business like Sutton & Son Appliances to make an appointment.

And if for some reason you cannot get the grill off or the vacuum cleaner is ineffective at removing severely stuck-on debris, call the repairperson for help.

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Preparing Your Teen For The Road: 2 Talks You Must Have Before Handing Over The Keys

As a parent, you have to have a balance between keeping your teen safe from harm and letting them spread their wings and grow. And this is never more true than when they are first learning to drive. Thinking of a child on the road, alone, at night, is enough to give any conscientious parent insomnia, but if you give them the tools they need to succeed in the beginning, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that even if something goes wrong,  your teen will be prepared to handle it. There are two most-important preparations you should make before ever giving your kids the keys:

Have the “No Phones While Driving” Talk

Distracted driving kills many people every year, and cell phones play a big role in this sad statistic. Trying to concentrate on the road in front while talking or texting on the phone is difficult for seasoned drivers, but for those just getting their wheels under them, it’s a really bad idea. 

Before your teen ever takes to the road, sit down with them and discuss your expectations concerning cell phone usage while driving. Adopt a zero-tolerance policy for this infraction of the rules, and put firm consequences into place. Give your child options — actions they can take that are more responsible than texting or talking while driving: Make it a rule that they must pull off the road and park first if they need to use the phone, for instance. 

Putting this simple rule into place, and enforcing it, could save multiple lives — your teen’s among them. 

Discuss Emergency Contingencies

If something unexpected does happen, your teen needs to know who to call. Make sure that the number of a local towing company like Roadway Towing Ltd is easily accessible, along with the contact information for your insurance carrier. Invest in an automobile club that provides free or reduced-fee emergency towing and emergency roadway assistance. Your child won’t always be a block away when car trouble or fender benders occur. Make sure they understand what steps they need to take in an emergency. 

Performing these two simple tasks before your teen gets behind the wheel for the first time will go a long way in ensuring they return home to you safely each night. It will also give you peace of mind when they’re running late and you’re tempted to begin pacing. Giving your kids the tools they need to succeed in any endeavor and then sitting back and allowing them room to practice is difficult. But as a parent, it’s one of those things that they will thank you for one day. 

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Choosing A Fun Kennel For Your Dog

When you leave town, it might not always be feasible to have someone look after your dog when you’re away. Leaving your pet at a kennel can be stressful for you and your dog. Traditionally, dogs left in kennels were only able to sleep and stay in cages, which can add a lot of unwanted stress on the animal. Today, many kennels offer a much more pleasant experience where pets can play, roam free, and interact with other dogs.

Play Areas

If you’re looking for a good kennel where dogs can play and run, find out which ones offer extensive play areas for your pet. Many outdoor kennels have areas where dogs can run, play fetch, or just lounge in the sunshine. Some may even have pools for dogs to take a swim in! This is good for your dog, because it allows them to channel their energy while you’re away and focus less on feeling as if they’ve been left alone. It is also good for their health because it gives them the exercise they might not have otherwise gotten while you are gone.

Helpful Staff

You’ll certainly want to know your dog is in good hands while you are away. Before you decide where you want them to stay, talk to the staff and ask questions. A high quality dog kennel will have a friendly, caring staff who loves animals and wants them to be comfortable and happy while they are there. Find out if the kennel has an on site veterinarian or access to one in case of emergencies. If your dog has special needs or has to take medications, ask the staff if they can take care of those things as well. And of course, check with friends or family for referrals to see if anyone else has used the kennel in the past.

A Posh Pooch

Some facilities are also known as “dog hotels” or “doggie daycare” and provide a lot of special extras for your dog. Many will include things like plush beds for them to sleep on and even offer pet massages! These facilities have a more upscale feel and provide special food and gourmet treats for dogs. They’re a great choice for pet owners who want to spoil their canine companions and ensure they have a pleasant experience while the owner is away from home. Whether you choose a fun kennel in a natural setting or a posh palace for your pooch, these options are terrific for both you and your pet.

For more information, contact a local kennel like Springfield Kennels.

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Staying Safe While Waiting For A Tow

Pull Over to the Side

Pull your vehicle over to the side of the road as soon as you’ve determined that you can’t keep driving. This is especially important if you’re driving on a busy road or on a highway where cars are moving quickly. If cars on the road are going fast, put on your emergency flashers to ensure that the other cars can see you. 

Push Your Vehicle Only if It’s Safe

Under some circumstances, you may decide to push your car to the side of the road. This is an activity that can only be done with two or more people, because it requires one person to steer and one person to push. Never push your car on an incline, even if your car is pointed to move downhill. Remember that modern cars rely on a power steering and brake system, and if your engine is non-operational, your steering and brake systems may not work as well. 

Don’t push your vehicle for long distances, on busy roads or if you suffer from a physical condition that could make the activity dangerous for you. If you must push your car, be sure to push it for short distances, on straight, even roads and on roads without much traffic. 

Keep the Cabin Comfortable

Extreme temperatures outside can create dangerous conditions inside your vehicle. If you’re stranded in the snow, huddle together with your other passengers for warmth. Avoid opening your doors to prevent warm air from escaping the cabin. If you have reason to believe that the tow truck will take a while to reach your car, either because you’re a long distance from civilization or the weather conditions outside are very bad, run the engine for 10 minutes once every hour and blow hot air into the cabin (if the engine will run at all). 

If the temperatures outside are very warm, park your car in the shade (if possible). Open the windows and doors, if it can be done safely. 

Finally, keep your cell phone ready and charged, just in case some trouble arises and you need help. If your phone is low on battery power, turn off your data services, turn off your phone or put the phone on airplane mode, to conserve power. 

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